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La-la how the life goes on: CBR III Review #8

Az’s CBR-III Review #8: The Castaways by Elin Hildebrand

The Castaways by Elin Hildebrand is another of those books I picked up after hearing from several people that I would love the author’s works. I had tried to read another of her books before without success so I approached this one with trepidation. Imagine my surprise when I could not put it down! The book deals with a group of friends who live on Nantucket and call themselves “the Castaways”. It’s made up of three married couples and their children. They are all seemingly very close friends. The book begins when one of the couples, whose marriage has been on the rocks due to infidelity, drowns during a sailing trip to celebrate their anniversary. Each of the remaining Castaways has to deal with his or her own grief, a grief that is marred by the many secrets and lies that  mark the couple’s relationships with their own spouses as well as those with the other members of the group. As well, there is the mystery of what exactly happened on that boat that caused these people to die. The result is a whopper of a page-turner in which none of the characters are totally likeable, yet you still care about what happens to them. It’s also an interesting analysis of how you can never really know someone no matter how close you think you are to them. Altogether a really interesting, engaging book, if a little off-putting at times. It’s touted as a beach read… I have to say that term is misleading… definitely not a beach read!