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The sun is up, the sky is blue; it’s beautiful and so are you: CBR III Review #9

Az’s CBR-III Review #9: Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Where to begin with Jessica Darling? Is it that she is smarter and wittier by far than most tenage heroines? Is it the level of angst? I don’t know. All I know is that I ripped through this book, laughing and crying as if I were 13 and not middle aged. This book is simply amazing. Okay, so Jessica Darling is the proverbial good girl with a bitter streak. Her father calls her “Notso” as in “not so Darling”. She is suffering from the loss of her best friend and soulmate Hope whose parents have moved her away following the death of Hope’s brother Heath from an overdose. Jessica is left adrift and lonely and even more bitter. How is she supposed to deal with her world when her only source of support is gone? Jessica must learn to navigate school – where she feels out of place- and home – where she feels even more out of place- by herself. Her only confidant is her journal and what she writes in it is by turns, mortifying, hilarious and poignant. And then there is Marcus Flutie… This book is a classic (not just a YA classic) for a reason: the dilemmas and heartaches of its heroine are universal and everyone will find something to which they can relate in it. I cannot wait to share this book with my daughter in a couple of years. It is just wonderful.