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Take a sad song and make it better: CBR III Review #10

Az’s CBR-III Review #10: Your voice in my head by Emma Forrest

Emma Forrest is amazing. That is the main thing I took away from this book. Emma Forrest is nothing short of amazing. I believe it takes so much courage to face that your foibles and quirks have crossed the line from merely being capricious and fey to being destructive and potentially life threatening. That admission doesn’t come easily and, for most of us, never comes at all. So there is that. But Emma didn’t only make this admission, she sought help and then committed to healing herself. And that commitment takes even more strength and determination. I’m not trying to undermine the role of those people who assist in the healing – and God knows Emma had an extraordinary helper – but no one can be helped who can’t help himself. So what happens then, when out of the blue you lose that extraordinary person who helped put you back together and on top of that lose the one you love the most who had become your strongest supporter? If you are Emma Forrest, you survive. And you tell your story. And what a story it is: full of heartbreak, yes, but ultimately full of strength and determination. You go on. And you go on well. And that is why this story is extraordinary. And Emma Forrest? She is amazing.